EDB Servo Drives have all the features you pay extra dollars for in other brands. With configurable Analog and Digital inputs the drive can be configured for Position, Speed or Torque control with the ability to dynamically switch from one mode to the other. Onboard Modbus communications via RS232, 422 or 485 provides an alternate method to control up to 32 drives from a single host controller.
EDB Series Servo Drives
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Unrivalled Performace to Cost Ratio
With sizes ranging from 200Watts to 5.0kWatt this range of motors were designed to provide peak performance when used with the EDB series drives. The motors are rated at 300% peak torque and options such as integral brake are available.
EMJ - EMG - EML Servo Motors
IP65 AC Perm. Magnet Synchronous Motors
The ProNet range of drives delivers super fast response, triple the speed of the EDB series. High kW output to control motors to 15kW and a wide range of communications protocols make this the flagship drive in the range.
ProNet Series Servo Drives
Superior Performance for the most Demanding Tasks
Designed specifically for use with the ProNet series drives, sizes ranging from 7.5kWatt to 15.0kWatt delivering Torques of 47 to 95 Nm, instantaneous ratings up to 191Nm. Options include integral brake, resolver or absolute encoder feedback.
EMB Servo Motors
Heavy Duty High Torque Low rpm Servo Motors
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