AccuScan systems provide on-line
precision measurements of the diameter and ovality of cables. Using laser scanning technology, AccuScan systems are able to perform diameter measurements during production and communicate those measurements to a host system or controller.
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Diameter & Ovality Measurement Systems
With the ability to measure length and speed with accuracy better than 0.05%. LaserSpeed is the ideal gauge for replacing contact tachometers that are prone to a variety of measurement errors and high maintenance costs.
Length & Speed Measurement Systems
The DataPro controller series, when coupled with dimensional measurement
instrumentation and a versatile set of I/O capabilities, enable you to produce superior quality cable by providing all the information and control capability you need to keep your production process running smoothly. DataPro systems aid and improve the cable manufacturing process at every step, from the start-up period to the production period to the final quality checks.
Process Control & Data Management Systems
UltraScan systems provide on-line precision measurements of cable wall thickness and eccentricity, with an option to also measure diameter and ovality. UltraScan systems are able to make high-speed, non-contact measurements during production. The powerful and unique UltraScan DSP digital signal processor provides the only ultrasonic system capable of fully automatic setup and calibration, making operation quick and simple.
Wall , Eccentricity, Diameter & Ovality Measurement Systems
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